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An Epic Competitive Board Game Inspired by RPG Video Game Classics. For 1-4 Players.

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Pledge Manager, Pre-order Store, Additional News
9 days ago – Fri, Jul 31, 2020 at 03:42:39 AM

Hello everyone,

Long time no see! 😁 A short update is here... 

Pledge Manager (till the end of September)

We've just launched the Pledge Manager for all backers. All of you should have received their emails with the survey. In case you didn't receive it, please check your Spam/Junk folders. If you don't find it there either, please contact us at Here is a few useful information about the Pledge Manager you are going to enter.

  • When you come to the Pledge Manager, you can change your pledge level right on the home page if you want. You can do this by clicking on switch your pledge level under the Get Started! button.

For Czech backers only: You can also choose the "Local Pickup" instead of Czechia in "Select your country for shipping" if you wish to pick up the game yourself in Jince (Czechia) or local game shop/game club (in Czechia, most probably in Brno, Plzeň, Praha, Ostrava).

  • If you've already clicked on the Get Started! button, you can still change your pledge level by clicking on your Reward at the top of other sections. In the opened window, click on Switch Pledge Levels?  
  • Carefully select language for your game or games.
  • In the Add-ons section, you can choose whatever you like to add.
  • Carefully fill your shipping address including your phone number - it is necessary for most of the delivery services. Having the phone number also reduces risks during delivery.
  • If you have any doubts or questions, or something is not working properly, don't hesitate to contact us at 
  • Be aware, we need you to complete your survey as soon as possible so we can start the mass production and your rewards could be delivered on time. Pledge Manager will be closed on 30th September 2020. 

Griffin Bonus

Again, everyone who is entitled to the Griffin Bonus will see a "Griffin Bonus (Free)" item right under their Pledge Level. It is still valid you'll get one Griffin Bonus for each copy of the game you order. In the case you won't order at least one game, you won't get the Griffin Bonus at all. It was stated in the campaign, it's just a gift to the game itself.

Pre-Order Store

Did you miss our Kickstarter campaign? Don't worry, now you can pre-order the game here:

If you want to help us to spread the word about it, feel free to share our Pre-order Store on social media.

Additional News

In the last two days, our lead illustrator Iveta finalized the new armor from Stretch Goals. Internally we call it Sunbow Armor. 🌈What do you think about the name and arts? And yes, it's made from Euthium, one of the natural resources in Euthia. 😁

And again, one of our monsters impatiently waiting for the fight with you... 


Take care! ❤

Markéta and Tadeáš

Pledge Manager, Griffin Bonus, Rulebook & Translations, Finalizing the Game, Production Preparation
12 days ago – Wed, Jul 29, 2020 at 12:10:57 AM

Hello everyone!

We are back! This time with some long-awaited information - you're right, it's about the Pledge Manager! 💪🤩 But not only about it, feel free to continue reading... 🤓

Pledge Manager

We planned to open the Pledge Manager (BackerKit) in the middle of July but it took a lot of time to have all information and set up the shipping prices. We worked hard to give you the best shipping prices we could. This is one of the reasons we're finalizing it just right now. During a few next days, you will receive the BackerKit survey where you fill all the necessary information.

The original plan was setting the shipping for each country separately. However, the shipping costs increased and for a lot of you, it would mean higher shipping than we stated in the Shipping section on our Kickstarter page. So we decided to keep the prices exactly the same, with one big difference. We chose the Weight Based Shipping option which was definitely a lot more challenging to set up for us but all the backers will have the opportunity to order Add-ons for reasonable shipping, not for the fixed amount for each of them as we stated in the Shipping section. The Weight Based Shipping assigns the shipping price depending on the whole order weight in contrast to the standard item shipping price which is used for most of the Kickstarter campaigns. This was the main reason for the delay in launching the Pledge Manager. However, we believe you'll be happy about this.

We give you an example. If you are from the USA and choose the Miniature Pledge together with 5 Add-ons, you will pay 24 USD in total. The standard item shipping price would be 36 USD in total - 16 USD for the Miniature Pledge itself + 20 USD for 5 Add-ons (4 USD for each). We think the difference is worth the work we needed to do to set this up. 🙂

Griffin Bonus

Everyone who is entitled to the Griffin Bonus will see a "Griffin Bonus (Free)" item right under their Pledge Level. It is still valid you'll get one Griffin Bonus for each copy of the game you order. In the case you won't order at least one game, you won't get the Griffin Bonus at all. It was stated in the campaign, it's just a gift to the game itself.

Rulebook & Translations

Even though Paul Grogan told us (and praised us a little 😊 ) our Rulebook version is understandable even for a person who read the rules only and don't have the game itself available, it's still a lot of work on it. Paul and his team are working hard on it. They're proofreading, changing the structure, etc. The next phase is to show the upgraded Rulebook to other members of their team who know nothing about the game to try if everything works the best way possible. Also, it will be necessary to make the rule changes I will talk further in this Update and of course, the rules for the unlocked Stretch Goals.

Then we can start working on the Appendix. Once both booklets will be final, we can start translating them to other languages.

Don't worry, for the beginning of the mass production in October, we mainly need to have the translations (Czech, French, and German) of components ready. The Rulebook and Appendix are printed in the last phase of production. That is why we need to finalize the game first - before the Pledge Manager will be closed at the end of September.

Just for the reminder, this is how it is the plan for other languages:

  •  Full Localization: English, Czech, German, French
  •  Professional-made Download & Print: Polish, Spanish
  •  Possible Fan-made Download & Print: Italian, Greek, Portuguese, Dutch, Hungarian, Russian, Danish, Romanian

Finalizing the Game

Of course, the big part of our jobs these days is finalizing the bonus content for the game (Unlocked Stretch Goals, Add-ons Scenarios, etc.). We had this little "accident" during setting and testing the new Quests. The new scenario arose by mistake. 😬😅 So we will add it to the Rulebook...

Three treasure levels are finalized and tested properly. We were pleasantly surprised by how this mechanics improves the experience and balance of the game.

New Treasures

From the whole-world testing running from December 2019, a lot of players tried the game. We've received international feedback which also revealed small unbalanced moments in some game mechanics, e.g. Throwing Weapons. Throwing Weapons were too way powerful against the dragon Farruga but we didn't want to remove them from the game. And that's the reason why we allowed all heroes to use them and we also added some new so it'd become a relevant game strategy.  The "negative" thing about it is there will be a little more components in the game. 😁😁😁

Throwing Weapons

There were also some minor issues in the heroes' abilities, mostly in Dral's and Taesiri's, but even some details in other characters' abilities were found and upgraded.

The next upgrade was for elementals. We decided to remove all text complexities from their cards and make their "rewards" identification smoother. We've added a new teleport symbol that will be used on scrolls and other components too. 

Also, Silver and Gold cards were scanned and changed a little so the game would be more flowing and it would be easier to play them for the newbies.

Production Preparation

From the production point of view, Eastar Game Manufacturing (our production partner) is in the process of making Custom Dice samples.

We're finalizing the miniature files. And because we are infinitely unsatisfied with just everything, we made up some improvements for them. Look at the Dral's base, what do you think about it? 😎 

 The air elemental was upgraded to be more different from the water one. 

Elemental Prototypes

And what would you think about us if we don't show you some new monster art? Ladies and gentlemen, this is Faer Demon! 🎉

Faer Demon

And that should be all...

Take care! ❤

Markéta and Tadeáš

Graphics, Rulebook & Translations, Pledge Manager, Playtesting
about 1 month ago – Thu, Jul 09, 2020 at 02:33:18 AM

Hello everyone,

After some time, we've got things to share. 🙂


Our artists are working hard on finalizing the illustrations and designs for the game. There's still a lot of work to do but you can at least taste some new monsters below.

Cobra & Faer Addict

Also, the cover for the Legendary Collection box is finished.

Legendary Collection box cover

Rulebook & Translations

We’re working on finalizing the English Rulebook and Appendix together with Paul Grogan from Gaming Rules! but since we need to include new information and rules (for unlocked Stretch Goals, some minor changes and corrections, etc.), it will take some extra time. Also, we started finalizing the Rulebook a little bit later because we had some technical and other issues on both sides.

For the mentioned reasons, we‘re planning to start working on translations to other languages at the end of July. We will keep you posted. 

We planned our timeline with some time slack so this translation delay shouldn’t affect other activities needed for the game finalizing and getting ready the mass production

Pledge Manager

Although we started working on the final shipping costs right after the campaign end, we're still waiting for some information from our fulfillment partners. It's because the summer started and a lot of people are spending their time on vacation. 

We really want the best shipping prices for you so we don't want to release the Pledge Manager too soon. The Pledge Manager is planned to be opened till the end of September so there will be plenty of time for your response. 🤓


We're finalizing the game mechanics a lot these days. The latest news is about the Griffin.

Currently, the hero can call the Griffin from the distance (4 hexes) when they have a trophy from a defeated monster in their sack. This trophy serves to feed the Griffin so then he will transfer you up to 4 hexes.

We're still testing this mechanic but it is fun and it works really great. We really think you'll like it. 🤩

That's all for now. We hope we will get back to you really soon with the positive news about the Pledge Manager.

Take care! ❤

Markéta and Tadeáš

What's New, Elemental Miniatures, Not Unlocked Stretch Goals
about 2 months ago – Thu, Jun 18, 2020 at 01:42:25 AM

Hello everyone,

We're back with some news. 😎

All payments have been already completed by Kickstarter. If you are the one whose payment didn't get through, don't hesitate to contact us at and we will help you. 

Now we are waiting for the funds to be able to hand over their parts to BackerKit (marketing partner), Eastar Game Manufacturing (production partner), and a lot of other partners (our teammates included) because we've already started preparing the Pledge Manager, future Pre-orders and the production itself. Although we are publishing only one game, we found out 26 products were created during the campaign due to 4 languages and Add-ons. That is quite a lot! 😁

Elemental Miniatures

After long discussions and your feedback, we came to a conclusion. It wasn't an easy decision because we wanted to satisfy both groups. It will cost more of our money but we think it will be worth it.

All elemental miniatures will have a color wash finish. However, we are still waiting for some details and the final confirmation from our production partner. This means elementals should be distinguishable very well on the map but for the enthusiasts, there is still an option to paint them nicely. 🎨

Not Unlocked Stretch Goals

This topic was discussed and calculated really hard but unfortunately, we can't add the not unlocked Stretch Goals as Add-ons to the Pledge Manager. Mainly for two reasons.

  • There would be a large time burden on our team.
  • We can't specify the exact number of people who would be interested in these and we can't risk that it would ruin us financially. Our budget is quite fixed and we can't subsidize more bonuses.

However, we decided to add the Elite Monster Cards Stretch Goal, which is almost ready, to the core game so everyone could have it.

Support of Another Developers

During our campaign preparation, we ran into an interesting project whose campaign ends in a few hours and we think some of you could be interested in it - Dawnshade: The Watchers Prophecy. They are first-time developers.

Take care and see you next time!

Markéta and Tadeáš


Next Steps, Payment Problems, Fun Videos
2 months ago – Tue, Jun 09, 2020 at 06:38:49 PM

Hello everyone,

Well, yes, we are taking some rest but we are still here with you in some way. 😁 We still receive tens of messages daily from you and we react to them. We thought it would be good to officially announce what will be next.

Late Pledge / Pre-orders

We're not planning the standard Late Pledge, i.e. all of you who supported us on Kickstarter will have the exclusive price. We're planning to publish Pre-orders page soon though. The prices there will be about 15% higher than the prices on Kickstarter. However, this is also good news for those who missed the campaign because they/you will still be able to pre-order the game for a slightly better price than the retail price will be.

Payment Problems

If you have any problems with your payment through the Kickstarter platform and you cannot solve it on your own, don't hesitate to contact us at and we will help you.

Pledge Manager

All backers will be able to upgrade their pledge and add any Add-ons and even game copies to their pledge in the Pledge Manager. The Pledge Manager will be opened in July and you will be notified about it by email. 

If this is your first Kickstarter, you can find more information about the Pledge Manager here:

A lot of you ask about adding locked Stretch Goals as Add-ons in the Pledge Manager. We're planning to discuss the possibilities of it in the following week as we stated before. Please be patient.


We are "under attack" by the Czech media. 😁 We are the most successful board game on Kickstarter in Czechia. More interviews are coming. The current interview can be found on You can also watch the interview on Pandemicon. Both interviews are in Czech but Google translate and YouTube auto subtitles should do their job. 🙂

Fun Videos

Some of you probably haven't seen one or more of our fun videos so here they are.

Dancing Dragon - project FUNDED


 Walking Destruction UNLOCKED

See you in the next Update!

Markéta and Tadeáš

Prey Seeker