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An Epic Competitive Board Game Inspired by RPG Video Game Classics. For 1-4 Players.

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English Rulebook, Appendix & Scenarios, Production News, Euthia on Tabletopia, Euthia App, Graphics
11 days ago – Wed, Mar 31, 2021 at 12:47:25 AM

Our dear backers,

We are back with some news and another help request. 🤓

English Rulebook

Thank you so much for all your feedback on the English Rulebook shared in the last Update! It was very helpful (and very nice to welcome you on our Discord channel) and now we can introduce you to the result of our work together. 🤝

You can take a look or download the PDF file of the latest English Rulebook here:

Another option to download the file is through this link on WeTransfer (till 6th April):

English Appendix and Scenario Books

As you probably already know, the players’ feedback is very important to us. Another reading and feedback activity you can be a part of (if you want) are the Appendix, Scenario Book, and Elemental Scenarios booklet. The process is pretty much the same as for the Rulebook but we share it with you one more time. Some of you maybe weren’t a part of the previous process, but want to be a part of this one. 😊

📌You can take a look or download the PDF files here.
Scenario Book:
Elemental Scenarios: (there will be all four languages in the final Elemental booklet, we exported only the English part for you now)

You can also download all three files at once through this link on WeTransfer (till 6th April): ttps://

This time, because of our timeline, we can only give you time to send your feedback by this Friday, 2nd April. To be able to process your notes, we would like to ask you to follow these steps:

  •  Join (or get back to) our Discord server here: 
  •  Read our Community Rules there.
  •  Visit a thread #rulebook-feedback and write your feedback.

❗ First, always write the booklet name the feedback is for, i.e. Appendix, Scenario Book, or Elemental Scenarios
   For specific page feedback - write a page, then the description of an issue.
   For general feedback - write the word “General”, then the description of an issue.

Appendix, page 15 - There is a typo in the first sentence of the page in the word “tile”.
Appendix, general - The background of the pages is too bright.

We would like to ask you specifically about the difficulty level and time per player part next to each scenario title in both scenario booklets. Do you think it is clear what these 2 things mean?
 In the case of this - write the word “Level”, then your thoughts.

Example: Level - It is (un)clear for me this way.

📌 This Discord server now serves for the Rulebook, Appendix, Scenario Book, and Elemental Scenarios feedback only. There is also a general thread for a discussion, of course, but we are not planning to post amounts of contents now. There will be more information and content from us in the future though.

📌 Please consider that the digital versions of the game on Tabletopia, Tabletop Simulator, and VASSAL engine are not playable according to the new Appendix, Scenario Book, and Elemental Scenarios version, see news about the Tabletopia version further in this Update.

Production News

We have received tons of samples already. Many of them were reworked because our team is always "unsatisfied". 😅 We are heading for the last adjustments though. Tomorrow, we should receive the (hopefully) last samples. Don’t worry, mass production of some things is already in the process.

See some samples images for yourself below.

Metal coins
Black Wash miniatures in a plastic tray

Even though we had information from all kinds of sources that bent weapons on miniatures are a standard phenomenon and players are used to getting them straight again by using hot water, we didn’t want to put this responsibility on your shoulders. All such parts of our miniatures will be made from a solid material (ABS) and glued to the rest of the miniature for the best result and no bending.

Another big adjustment was done for plastic boxes from the Organizer. Individual components could be mixed with each other during a bigger shaking. It seems this has been solved already by our fellows from Eastar GM. We will see the result with our own eyes very soon.

❗ A BIG SURPRISE ❗ We promised the elemental miniatures will be distinguishable by colors. All possibilities we were offered were not good enough for us. Hopefully, we chose the best solution for you and you will be happy about this - we “borrowed” the Sundrop technology from Awaken Realms, so yeah...Elemental miniatures will be in colored Sundrop. 🤩

Digital version of Euthia on Tabletopia

We are finalising Euthia for the Tapletopia platform now. We are about to share the first two scenarios once the Rulebook, Appendix, and Scenario Book are final. The game on Tabletopia will be only in English for now. Also, we are planning to share other scenarios according to our time plans in the future.

Euthia App

Euthia App is in the development process right now too. We hope we will be able to share the progress with you soon. Just a small teaser here, it is only a GIF our App developer Čenda did for fun for us from the App interface.

Reference Cards – Part 5

The fifth and last reference card contains the summary of Final Scoring. One side is for counting the value of your hero’s possessions, the second side shows how much reputation you get for all your tokens on the map, killing opponents, fulfilling Quests, and defeating Elite Monsters.


This creature was hiding long enough. Now it climbed out of its den to show itself in the whole “beauty”. 😁


Take care of yourself, our dear supporters, and see you soon! 😎💚

Markéta and Tadeáš

English Rulebook, Production News, Digital version of Euthia on Tabletopia, Skoldur’s Power, Graphics
26 days ago – Tue, Mar 16, 2021 at 02:01:24 AM

Hello everyone!

We are back again! 🥳 As Tadeáš wrote a short notification in the Comments section before, we received vast feedback for the Rulebook and we had to postpone the Update a bit because of it. We wanted to give you the best result possible. So, here it is…

English Rulebook

📌 Check the new English Rulebook in layout for yourself. You can take a look or download it here: 

Another option to download the file is through this link on WeTransfer (till 22nd March):

❗ The players’ feedback is very important to us ❗ If you want to share your feedback for the English Rulebook with us, it will be gladly received. However, you can give us your feedback only by the end of this week, i.e. 21st March. We need to stick to our timeline with this. To be able to process your notes, we would like to ask you to follow these steps:

  1.  Join our Discord server here: 
  2.  Read our Community Rules there.
  3.  Visit a thread #rulebook-feedback and write your feedback.
        For specific page feedback - write a page, then the description of an issue.
        For general feedback - write the word “General”, then the description of an issue.

      Page 15 - There is a typo in the first sentence on the page in the word “tile”.
      General - The background of the pages is too bright.

       We would like to ask you specifically about the Index on page 35. What do you think about it? Would it be helpful for you this way? In the case of Index - write the word “Index”, then your thoughts.

    Example: Index - I’d like to add the term “Hex”. 

📌 This Discord server now serves for the Rulebook feedback only. There is also a general thread for a discussion, of course, but we are not planning to post amounts of contents now. There will be more information and content from us in the future though.

📌 Please consider that the digital versions of the game on Tabletopia, Tabletop Simulator, and VASSAL engine are not playable according to the new Rulebook version, see more information about the Tabletopia version further in this Update.

📌 The file we are sharing here with you is only the Rulebook. Very soon, we will share the Scenario Book and Appendix with you as well. You will be able to give us your feedback for them as well. We will keep you posted in the next Update.

Production News

A few weeks ago, we received all the punchboards and cards digital-printed samples from Eastar GM. And we must say, the punchboards and cards quality are just amazing! 🤩 We are excited about it. The colors and the linen finish look great. The components are cut very precisely, there is almost no divergence. See the image of the map tiles below. The symbols for orientation are on their exact spots. 

And do you know what comes next? Yeah, the cardboard towers! 🏰 We tested them during the gameplay and we decided to add one small tweak to it - a cut space on the bottom of them for better taking out the square tiles. It’s basically a space for your finger. We also adjusted the die-cut lines to make the towers more stable and solid. These are the samples.👀

Digital version of Euthia on Tabletopia

Many weeks before, we started working on updating the Tabletopia version of the game. It will take many more weeks to finalise it because the final version of the game is a lot different from the original Tabletopia version. We need to rework it and there is a huge amount of additional content and components too. And it is not the main thing we focus on now. The most important thing for us is now finalising all data and works for mass production. ⚙

Skoldur’s Power

Our dwarf friend Skoldur wants to be introduced as well. We shared some information about the Dwurt with you in Update #25. A lot of Skoldur’s Weapons and Abilities are or can be strengthened by Dwurts - a dark violet substance transformed from Gaars. It maybe does not allow you to re-roll your dice, but it is strong in another way.

Reference Cards – Part 4

The fourth reference card we share with you contains the summary of rules for trading at Merchants, Alchemists, and Dragonslayer Towers.


We still have some beautiful arts from Iveta to show you. This one is an elite monster too - Minotaur! 🪓 Are you afraid of him?


Be well, our dear backers! 💚

Markéta and Tadeáš

BGG Most Anticipated Games of 2021, Production News, Elemental Revocation Scenario, Graphics
2 months ago – Fri, Feb 05, 2021 at 03:13:38 AM

Hello everyone! 👋

We are back with our monthly update.

BGG Most Anticipated Games of 2021

Since we are quite new in the board game industry and all related activities, some things slipped around our attention. In the future, we will do our best to follow all events and possible opportunities where Euthia can be mentioned. And also, to let you know about it so you can support us even more if you want. 💪

The thing is we somehow missed one important event. To our surprise, Euthia: Torment of Resurrection is nominated in two categories of BGG Most Anticipated Games of 2021:

  • 6. Category: Dice
  • 7. Category: Solitaire

We are honored that we were nominated even without “putting our hands to the plough”, i.e. just with big support of our backers and fans. Thank you all! 🙏😇

The final voting is open for a few last days - it closes at the end of the day (CST) Saturday, February 6th. If you would like to support us and help more people learn about Euthia: Torment of Resurrection, you can vote in those 2 categories we are nominated in by following these steps:

  • CLICK HERE and check if you are signed in your BGG account.
  • Scroll down until you find the poll. Click on the little check box next to Euthia: Torment of Resurrection title. As I mentioned before, Euthia can be found in categories #6 (Dice) and #7 (Solitaire).
  • Finally, click on the Vote button right under the poll. Remember that you cannot vote unless you are signed in your BGG account.

We appreciate all your voting! 🙃

Production News

Before the Chinese New Year holiday started, it seems that Eastar GM was overwhelmed by work, their employees were overworked over time. We received some new samples from them, but to be honest, we are not 100% satisfied with any of them. (But what would you expect from us? We still are a bunch of perfectionists, right? 😅)

Of course, we will be discussing the issues with the factory when they get back to work and we are sure we find a solution for all of them, as always. 🙂

Here is our photo of all the samples on one pile. Once we have all issues solved, we will share proper photos of every group of components with you without hesitation.

For example, 3 of 4 metal coins types look perfect in our opinion. The value 5 will have a slightly different color and be made from another material so the number 5 will be well visible on the table even from distance. Actually, this has been already discussed with Eastar GM before their holiday started. See the coins for yourself… 💰

We also have information about another package heading towards us. And this one will be BIG! It contains digital-printed samples for all punchboards and cards packed in a white sample of the huge game box (i.e. now only white, not printed cardboard for this box). And yeah, there will be the cardboard towers too! 🥳🏰

Even though there are some issues that need to be discussed, we have to praise our dear sales manager Anson together with the whole Eastar GM factory for their communication and attitude during our collaboration. They always do their best to solve problems, meet our requirements, and produce the product with the best quality possible.

Elemental Revocation Scenario

The Elemental Revocation scenario is the last one from the Elemental pack add-on. As most of all scenarios, it is competitive. Let’s introduce how it works. ⚙

To make things even worse for the citizens of Euthia, the elemental powers means danger around the land too. 💥 You have learned how to expel the elementals through the Rituals of Revocation. Now your goal is to revoke as many elementals as you can during 8 rounds to save the land and gain even more fame among the people.👑

This scenario has 3 stages. Each stage determines the map you travel through and the abilities and equipment your hero starts the game with. 🗺 🪓🗡You also begin with different amount of Gold and Reputation in each stage. 💰⭐

Whenever an elemental is revealed on the map, the corresponding standee/miniature is placed on the hex. If you enter that hex, you can choose to revoke the elemental by fulfilling the requirements for the specific elemental type stated on a Revocation card. There are 3 Revocation cards, one for each stage of the scenario. In some cases, you even need to deal damage to the elemental. 🩸

Once the elemental is revoked, you take the standee/miniature from the map and keep it till the end of the game for final scoring.♟As in the case of Into the Abyss scenario (we talked about it in the previous Update #28), once the elemental is revoked, you cannot confront it anymore, and the original location is covered by a Revocation token matching the revoked elemental. You can visit such a hex and use its effect once during the game.🚶➡💎

Reference Cards – Part 3

This is the third reference card briefly (well, not exactly 😅) explaining the gameplay and combat rules.


It seems some of you missed the monster artworks. Here comes one of the elite monsters, someone you can either look up to or be really scared of him  –  Lizard Chieftain. Personally, I love this one! 😍 I hope I will not be forced to kill him ever. 

Take care, dear backers, and see you again soon! 👀💗

Markéta and Tadeáš

Production News, Translations, Into the Abyss Scenario, Graphics, Reference Cards
3 months ago – Fri, Jan 22, 2021 at 06:32:46 PM

Hello everyone! 😎

We wish all the best in 2021 to all of you! It’s been a while since we brought you some news from the world of Euthia. So here it comes! 🥳

Production News

The English print files have been already sent to the factory and except for a few minor things we needed to correct, they are all fine.

The print files in French, German, and Czech will be sent at the end of this week or at the beginning of the next one. As we already talked about it in our previous Update, we thought before that the other localizations could be manufactured separately from the English version of the game. However, that would mean the French, German, and Czech games would be delivered later than the English ones. This way (even if there is a delay we talked about last time), all 4 language versions of the game will be delivered in about the same time, depending on where you live of course. 🚛🌍

We received the second samples of the custom dice. 🎲 As we mentioned before, we weren’t satisfied with the first ones that much. Although for us, even the second samples are still not the best version possible and we are waiting for the new samples again, we wanted to show you these we received. And of course, when we have the final versions, we will share them with you as well.

Custom dice samples

Now we are waiting for the Metal Coins (already on their way to us) and Cloth bags (they will be sent next week) samples.💰 Eastar GM is working on the miniatures samples just now - both the core game minis with Black Wash finish and the elementals from one of the add-ons. Hopefully, we will show them to you next time.♟🤩 And we can’t forget about the plastic boxes from the organizer - these should be ready soon too.


All components are already translated to German, Czech, and French and the print files are prepared these days as I mentioned above. The Lore will be translated to all 3 languages before the end of this week as well. 📖📚

We are making the last changes in the Rulebook before the start of translating it. We couldn’t imagine enough how much work the Rulebook will be but we are really getting there. We just want it to be as good as we are capable of. So there was a lot of proofreads from different people and we still find some small things to be improved. 🔝

The Appendix is also in the process of making. ✍️ There are many things to be explained (like every ability of Heroes, all quests, etc.) and we don’t want you to have to search for anything at non-official sources. 🔎

Into the Abyss Scenario

Let’s find out how another one of 3 scenarios from the Elemental Pack add-on works. ⚙

Into the Abyss is a cooperative scenario. The land is torn apart and streams of Faer spring wildly from the cracked earth. Your common goal is to seal all abysses on the map. 🕳

Abyss map tiles

To seal the abyss, you need to move all 4 elemental types (Air, Earth, Water, and Fire) to the Abyss map tile, one elemental on one hex (the center of the map tile is considered as a separate hex in this case). That’s why you need standees or miniatures of the elementals in this scenario. 🔥💧🌪💪

Of course, it’s not easy to move them. For the whole game, you’re carrying the Catalyst invented by the Alchemists to be able to do such a thing. And together with spending a move point as normal, you need to use chaos (discard a Silver or Gold card). ⚗

Once the elemental is moved from its original location, you cannot confront it anymore, but the power influencing its surrounding is applied as usual. That means, for example, every time you move the Fire elemental, you will suffer 2 Injuries. 🩸 Also, the original location is covered by a Revocation token matching the moved elemental. You can visit such a hex and use its effect once during the game. See below the Revocation tokens and their effects.

Revocation tokens

Once the abyss is sealed, the elementals vanish and the Defense Magic token is placed on the map tile center.


Although we don’t have the final die-cut lines for the game boxes, we can show you a mockup for one of the box tops.

Mockup of the core box top in 2D

We also want to share the final art for the cardboard towers from the organizer. Feel free to look at the mockup of them below.

Mockup of cardboard towers

Since the Trade board design is not fully compatible with the cardboard tower, we decided to make and print a different design on the reverse side of this board for using it. You can place the tower on the marked spot at the top of the board.

Trade board with space for cardboard tower

Reference Cards - Part 2

We started showing you the reference cards in the previous update. Here is the second one showing the timing and effects of gems, essences, and elemental powers on one side, and the rules for visiting the Church on the other.

And that should be all for now. Take care of yourself, our dear backers! 💖
Markéta and Tadeáš

Production News, Translations, Development, Collision Scenario, Reference Cards
4 months ago – Sat, Dec 05, 2020 at 11:49:16 PM

Hello everyone! 😍

As we promised, we’re back with new information about the whole process. 🤓

Production News


It was about a time and we finally know how it’s gonna be with the production process and therefore with delivering the games to you. 🖨 📦

As you already know from one of our previous Updates, there was a delay during the development of the game. The amount of unlocked Stretch Goals and Add-ons was a bit too much to handle for our small team. (Luckily, we have our dear Peppini now to help us not only with the community. 😊)

Unfortunately, even the rules are taking much more time to process than we thought. There are a lot of sections that needed to be included in the rules like the Skoldur character, Elite Monsters, etc. Also, there are rules for the Griffin Bonus and new Scenarios (core and the Elemental ones). And last but not least, there is the whole Appendix… 🙈 

We thought before that the other localizations could be manufactured separately from the English version of the game. Only now we know it won’t be possible that way.

These 3 things above together with the coronavirus situation all around the world, affecting us all, caused about 2 and a half months delay. 

It wouldn’t be that bad if…

The thing is we planned to process the whole mass production before the Chinese New Year holiday so we could then proceed with delivering the packages no matter this event. But since there is that delay mentioned above, it is not possible to do that. 😞 The Chinese New Year holiday takes 6 weeks in Eastar Game Manufacturing (the end of January, whole February, and the beginning of March) so there will be no one working in that period of time. Don’t be fooled, we are glad they have such a long holiday because they are working really hard every day. 🎉However, it means another month and a half more needed for the process.

❗ We are really REALLY sorry about that, but that means delivering the games will be postponed for about 4 months according to the original plan, i.e. the game should get to your hands in August 2021. ❗

As we now see how much the coronavirus situation around us is changing every second, it’s hard to tell what is gonna happen in the next few months. We hope for the best, for sure. 🙏

We created a brief timeline of the production process for you.

We also share more detailed information for some parts of the process with you.

  • We should receive the Custom dice samples very soon. We’ve already received the first samples some time ago but we weren’t 100% satisfied with some details like colors and we want to show you the best result. But we WILL share them with you once it is possible. 🎲🎲🎲
  • Samples for the Metal coins, Cloth bags, and other components will be available at the end of January.
  • We’d like to share photos of the PU samples of the miniatures we received from Eastar GM. These samples are from the last step before making the molds for mass production. Even we are surprised by the details (on each photo the left miniature is the PU sample, the right one is printed on the SLA printer by our 3D artist before the Kickstarter). 🤩 Also, notice that the minis will be a bit bigger. It's mostly because of the upgraded bases.
All PU samples, Griffin, Farruga, and Golem
Hero miniatures
Elemental miniatures


The latest information we know about the box size is it will be quite huge - 27,5 x 37,5 x 26 cm. It still may change a bit but it shouldn’t be much, maximum a few millimetres.

The size is the same for both the Core box and the Legendary Collection box and all possible components (i.e. all Add-ons, miniatures, etc.) should fit into one box after getting rid of the punchboards.

The idea of this is you can choose which box you use for storing the game (if you ordered both) or you can store the components in both of them. It’s up to you! 🙃

The Core box bottom design is ready as you can see below.


All English texts editing and proofreading is in the process - components, Rulebook, Scenarios, Lore & Art, Appendix.

The translations of the components are in the process for all 3 localizations - Czech, German, and French. The components are the priority for mass production.

Right after that, our Czech, French, and German translators will continue with the Rulebook and other stuff.


The development of Euthia has been finally finished for some time now.

That means our team of developers could start working on something new. Not me (Markéta), of course, I’m still surfing on the waves of the Euthia land. 🏄‍♀😅 You may look forward to the news about this… 😁

Collision Scenario

Another scenario description is here. Are you ready? 😎

The Collision scenario is a special one. You wake up with your hero under the ruins of the Ancient Temple in the Forbidden Land (chapter V - the most dangerous one - of the map). Soon you realize you died there, after activating a trap when you took one of the Amulets of Eternity from its pedestal (imagine one of the Indiana Jones scenes 🏺). The Amulet gives you the power of eternal life (i.e. it resurrects you if needed) and it’s actually the only thing you were left with.🤭

The Amulet will not stay in your possessions forever though. You need to find the Church and bring the powerful artifact to the monks. As a reward, you may choose one of 2 types of the full dragonslayer armor sets there just to go back to the Forbidden Land again…

From now on, you are resurrected in the Church as normal. 

The main goal is still ahead of you - to defeat one of the three dreadful Elite Monsters in the Necromancer’s Lair. Would you “like” to fight the Lich, Demon Mistress, or the scary Deathbringer? 👀🧟‍♀🧟☠️

Reference Cards - Part 1

We proudly present the first reference card with symbols and icons to you.

We hope you all are still safe and healthy and we are looking forward to you in a New Year 2021! Enjoy the rest of this year in peace and hope for better tomorrows, together with your loved ones if possible. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 ‍🐶🐱 And with the board games you love, of course! 😁

Thank you for being here with us! 💖

Markéta and Tadeáš